Top 7 Best Banks in Texas 2023

Texas is a state in the south central part of the US, and home to more than 29.1 million residents. There are many banks in Texas but this article will cover the best banks in Texas and also their reviews.


Top 7 Best Banks in Texas

Frost Bank

Frost Bank

Frost bank is one of the best bank in Texas having over 163 branches and 0.01 saving Annual percentage yield (apy).

It is also insured by FDIC and it’s monthly fees ranges from $3.50 to 1.30 monthly.

It is very comfortable and consumer friendly because frost bank has over 1,300 ATMs across Texas and a very effective customer service.

The bank has ranked first for 12 years consecutively on YD powers list for customer satisfaction making it on of the best bank in Texas.

A Frost bank online account is very easy to open. You will be able to do it via their website or by going to one of their Texas branches. There are actually no minimum requirements for that and they have very low monthly fees.

Ally Bank

Ally is a very good bank and the best online bank in Texas, it was founded in 2009. It has a low account cost and low rates on loans

Ally is said to be among the most affordable commercial banks in Texas for consumer looking for savings account.

It has an APY of 0.90%, and over 43,000 ATMs across Texas which is the only online bank with that amount of ATMs.

It is FDIC insured with no monthly fees and in addition pays interest of 0.10% for daily balance below $15,000 and 0.25% for accounts above $15,000 meaning you will earn more money with Ally bank making it one of the best banks in Texas.

Axos Bank

It is among the best banks in Texas, the San Diego based financial service provide service for costumers that need very affordable checking accounts, founded in 2000 the Bank is one the best financial institution in America with 14.4 billion assets.

Axos Bank is an online bank and very low cost and you can open one with $0 monthly balance requirements and no monthly fees. You can earn up to 1.25% interest or 1% cash back.

Axos Bank, although being one of the best banks in Texas,does not have physical branches. Everything is done online,they are FDIC insured.

CIT Bank

CIT Bank is a bank based in California,but has one branch in Texas, so most of it’s banking activities are done online.

It provides excellent web together with mobile banking services.

CIT Bank also offers users checking accounts without monthly fees, but you have to deposit a minimum of $100, there are no ATM fees.

It is among the best bank in Texas for savings and it also offers high yield savings accounts. Their saving APY ranges  from 0.36% to 2.10% and they are FDIC insured.


Well Fargo Bank

Well Fargo bank being one of the best bank in Texas has its headquarters in San Francisco but has over 530 branches and 1,164 ATMs in Texas.

The customer service is very effective, if you don’t know much about online banking or your needs will have to involve a physical bank, Well Fargo bank will help you.

Their minimum deposit for opening account is $25, their mobile app is available 24/7 deposit, managing account and card.

Well Fargo is also insured by FDIC and it being the third largest bank in America has over 70 million customers and 11.8 trillion in assets.

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Chase Bank

Chase Bank has many branches throughout Texas with hundred of branches across major cities of Texas like Austin,Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Fort worth.

The Bank has full featured mobile app and ATM. Mobile deposit that are made before 11pm EST will be available the next business day.

Although Chase bank has a very high monthly maintenance fee which can be up to $35 and their APY is below 0.01% on most accounts.

First National Bank of Texas

It is a local bank in Texas that operates in more than 400 location including Texas, Arkansas, and New Mexico. It has more than 1.6 billion assets and is FDIC insured.

First National bank of Texas is always after costumers care and their app offers consumers first class experience, it’s very easy to download and allows you manage your account at anytime.

It has more than 300 branches and its monthly fees range from $5 – $20 and there are no minimum balance requirements.

In Conclusion

All banks listed above are all among the best bank in Texas and you can learn more about them by clicking on links to sign up or learn more.