Is Healthcare A Good Career Path? Top 5 highest paying healthcare Job

Is Healthcare A Good Career Path?

Yes, healthcare is a good career path. The industry is responsible for providing healthcare services to millions of citizens in the United States and across the globe. It also has significantly impacted the US economy.


In addition, it has provided a myriad of jobs. As of today, more than 18 million people are working in the healthcare industry, and that number is multiplying as the need for healthcare services grows.

Moreso, the healthcare industry drives innovation and research development. The development of new treatments and technologies to improve patients’ care has helped the US economy be more competitive globally.

Besides, the healthcare industry has helped the aging population and people diagnosed with diseases. It has provided essential services that improve our quality of life. They make us healthier and improve our overall quality of life.

In this article, we review some of the jobs in this industry and the benefits you will derive from working in them.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Healthcare Industry?

You Get Paid Well

The healthcare industry pays handsomely. They also get health care packages and performance bonuses. Below are some of the jobs in the industry and how much they earn.

● Radiology Technologist

Radiology technologists are the people who help with diagnostic procedures that use radiation.

They create an image of the area of the body that needs to be examined using x-rays. This makes sure that the patient gets safe and effective treatment.

A Radiology technologist earns– $4,964 monthly & $70,105 annually. 

● Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who treat patients using physical means.

They use massage, exercise, manual therapy, electrotherapy, and hydrotherapy, among other physical methods, to help their patients get back to doing the things they used to do.

Physiotherapists help patients improve their quality of life by preventing and treating injuries and illnesses.

A physiotherapist earns $4,001 monthly & $56,508 annually.

● Nurses

Nurses are the backbone of every medical establishment. They are responsible for administering drugs to the patient and his overall medical care while in the hospital.

They also deal with the hospital’s emergencies and handle difficult situations.

A Nurse earns– $6,015 monthly & $84,952 annually. 

● Dentist

Dentists are medical professionals who focus on identifying and treating patients with mouth and jaw-related issues.

They provide health care services, including routine dental checkups, cleaning, extractions, root canal therapy, implants, etc.

A Dentist earns– $12,973 monthly & $183,235 annually.

● Nutritionist

Nutritionists are those in charge of people with nutrition and eating habits issues. They study the effects of food on human health and use this knowledge to help them make decisions about their diet and lifestyle choices.

A Nutritionist earns– $3,931 monthly & $55,527 annually.

You Get To Assist Others

They will have direct patient contact as medical professionals. You are expected to educate people on living a healthy lifestyle, thus making them some of the most compassionate professionals.

Medical professionals also provide nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being information.

You must show them how to care for themselves and make decisions based on their values.

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There’s Always Room For Advancement

You will advance in your career if you keep learning and developing your skills.  

Job Flexibility

Unlike white-collar jobs requiring you to be in your office every week for 8 hours straight, healthcare professionals can choose how they work.

They can decide to work in the evenings or schedule theirs for the night.

There Are Many Job Opportunities

The job opportunities in the healthcare industry are countless. From doctors to medical laboratory technicians, you can easily find a professional that’s a good fit for you.

In fact, in 2018, the industry was the largest employment sector in the United States, surpassing 16 million that year.

Job Security

The healthcare industry’s demand is undeniably growing, and so is the position to be filled. Employers in this industry do not have to worry about laying off their employees.

Moreover, the industry is expected to create no less than 2.3 million new jobs, far more than any other industry in the country.

What Are The Skills Needed To Thrive In The Healthcare Industry?

Communication Skills

Healthcare professionals are life savers. Patients often visit the healthcare sector with complex issues. Hence, communication skills are more critical than ever.

They must greet patients with a smile, maintain eye contact, listen to their complaints actively, pay attention to their body language, and talk clearly.

Problem-Solving Skills

At the onset, healthcare professionals do not know what’s wrong with a patient, hence the need to possess the skills necessary to figure it out.


They must examine, diagnose, and ensure the right treatment plan is in place.

Critical-Thinking skills

They need to think critically about their diagnoses and also about the treatments of the patients.

They must reason logically and find an alternate solution to problems if needed.

Empathy Skills

Empathy towards patients and trying to understand how they feel is a must for every healthcare provider. 

They need to be able to treat people with compassion and understanding rather than just focusing on the symptoms.

Time Management Skills

The need to manage time efficiently and get everything done at the right time crosses every industry. And most importantly, it is required of those who deal with human life.

They must prioritize their jobs and set aside enough time to do them.

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The healthcare industry is a gold mine. Aside from contributing immersively to the development of the nation’s GDP, it has also enriched thousands of individuals across the planet.

As a professional in the field, you have a say in your work schedule while not worrying about being laid off at any moment.

Moreover, there are many jobs in the industry, including those requiring only a diploma to be considered for the position.

So yes, the healthcare industry is a good career path.

We hope you find this article helpful!