How to shame someone that is owing you money

How to shame someone that is owing you money. Shaming a debtor can be a highly powerful tool for getting them to pay.

Firstly, confirm that you are in possession of all necessary facts regarding the debt. Create a clever yet embarrassing method to bring up the debt next. Finally, only employ this strategy when absolutely required.

I advise you to allow them enough time to pay up before you do any of these things, and to keep reminding them of what you’re about to do before you do it.

If the amount in question is negligible, I advise you to take the money as a lesson and go on. However, if a significant sum of money is at stake, you can do all of these actions to humiliate the debtor.

In either case, I caution you against lending money unless you have the means to lose it.

Take it to social media

Put out threats against them on social media

You must first threaten them in order to evaluate their response before you disgrace them. Watch out for a platform where they are well-liked. The appropriate platform to choose should also be influenced by the friends you have in common with your debtor.

You should threaten to call them out with evidence of your interaction with them if they are on social media.

Here is an example of a standard threat post;

“Pay up if you know you owe me money. Until you pay me my money, I swear to publish pictures of you and your circle of friends. You have been splurging on expensive items with my money, but you don’t want to pay me back what you owe. Please pay back in 3 days or I’ll handle it more harshly“.

After posting a threat on any of their chosen social media sites, send them a link to prove that you are not playing a trick.

Tag the person as a fraudster

A fraudster is anybody who solicits money from you under false pretenses and then withholds payment. In order to expose your debtor as a scammer, post a photo of him on Craigslist, eBay, your WhatsApp status, and even your Instagram page.

Others will make every effort to avoid the debtor, while those who recognize them will reach out to them.

Visit them in their place for work

People strive to avoid feeling ashamed at work at all costs. Even if the amount in question is fairly large, I don’t care; I’ll humiliate the debtor in their place of employment.

In dire circumstances, I can describe the matter to their boss at their place of employment.

Some managers might wish to get involved, which would embarrass them for not paying their obligation. This is yet another method of embarrassing a debtor who refuses to pay.

Take Legal Action

If the defendant has already been sued, you may still file a lawsuit against them. They will be required to repay you by order of the court, and you can obtain a judgment against them. There many more ways to shame your debtors.


Things you should also consider before shaming a debtor especially a friend

1. Offer them different choice or mode of payment    that will suit them

Make a proposal to pay off the loan over time. This is so that you can provide the borrower with a flexible repayment plan and set a deadline for the debt’s complete payback.

Money is a touchy subject, and unpaid debts between friends can lead to friction in relationships. It’s simple to lose a close friend by being upset with someone who owes you money, even though your friendship is frequently worth more than the debt.

When you lend money to relatives or friends, it’s possible that the debt won’t be repaid. Therefore, only borrow money that you are certain you won’t need again. The relationship might be saved by politely requesting your money back when the time comes.

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2.Pay for the next round

If the debt is not too large, you might be able to have your friend pay for your supper at the following get-together and have that amount deducted from your debt to them. This serves as a reminder that they owe you money and you will obtain some or all of the money that has to be repaid. However, even if you owe them money, you should always act politely and without aggression.


Shaming can be used to get those who owe you money or other stuff back. Making them feel guilty and reminding them of their obligation to pay you back are the keys to success. A printed reminder and a private humiliation ceremony are two efficient ways to accomplish this. To learn more about shaming people that owe you visit here.