Are there fully funded master’s programs for International students

Are there fully funded master’s programs? 

Do you want to study overseas for your master’s degree program? Luckily you are in the right place as here we will discuss some of the most relevant fully funded masters program scholarships to look out for.

One thing you should know is that there are over 500 fully funded master’s scholarships that are officially opened for international students globally.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter where you are from or what country you live in as long as you meet up with the basic requirements then you are good to go.

However, these available scholarships can provide an average monthly stipend of $1000 alongside other essential fees including tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance, and travel allowance for international students.

So, without much further ado let’s jump straight into the topic for today.

Are there fully funded master’s programs? 

Of course,  there are so many fully funded master’s program scholarships out there that you can try to lay a hand on, and if you are lucky enough you can secure an opportunity for yourself.

Schooling has never been this easy, especially when furthering a career such as a master’s degree or Ph.D.,  but with the help of some scholarship programs, one can easily get through the hurdles of paying so much just to achieve formal education.

Hence,  here are some fully funded masters program you should check out for;

Yale University Scholarship 

You probably must have heard of Yale University. It is one of the most reputable universities in the U.S. and it also provides fully funded scholarships for international students around the world.  Approximately 63% of undergraduate students, including international, received financial aid.

For graduate scholarships, students have to apply to the departments of their choice because funding policies are different for each department. Graduate funding is determined by individual departments, not the university.

In case you want to opt for a master’s degree or a Ph.D., Yale Scholarship gets you covered as it covers over $70,000 of your fees for a year.

Turkey Government Scholarship

The Turkish Government also provides a fully funded scholarship for international students in its country. This scholarship is officially offered to international students who are undergraduates or want to do their master’s and Ph.D. studies in Turkey.

The good news is that the Turkey Government Scholarship covers a monthly stipend including tuition fees, return flight ticket, health insurance, and accommodation.


Government of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship

This is another scholarship opportunity you can take advantage of if you are an international student who wants to pursue a master’s or Ph.D. degree program in Brunei.

The Government of Brunei offers a fully funded scholarship to international students.  This scholarship takes care of your accommodation fee, tuition fee, and health fee.


Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese Government also provides a fully funded scholarship for students who want to pursue their master’s and Ph.D. programs.

This scholarship is officially available and open for international students in more than 100 Universities in China.  The scholarship also covers up to 300 Yuan every month as well as health fees, tuition fees, and accommodation fees.


DAAD Scholarship Germany

The DAAD Scholarship Germany is a scholarship offered by the German government and it is officially available for international undergraduate students as well as those who want to further their master’s and Ph.D. degree programs.

As for students who would love to consider the DAAD Scholarship, it is great to know that it is a fully funded scholarship that covers between 800 to 1,200 euros per month for each international student.

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How to get a fully funded master’s program 

Here is how you can get a fully funded master’s degree program;

  • Now,  one thing you should do is to first start by making valuable research on full funding opportunities at the schools you intend to attend.
  •  One reason why you need to perform research is that many universities out there do offer funding packages to attract top students to their programs. So, you will need to spend time researching which school will be the best fit for your career path.
  • Make sure to send your applications to schools that have a very strong track record of funding their graduate students.  These schools may be more likely to offer you a full funding package for your master’s program.


  • You need to look for schools that offer full funding to all of their students, rather than only a select few. This can increase your chances of receiving funding and here is where researching comes to play.


  • Another important thing to do at this point is to consider applying to smaller schools or programs, as they may have more funding available for their students.


  • Consider applying to interdisciplinary programs, as these may be more likely to have funding available.


  • Check to see if the school or program you are interested in has any funding partnerships with outside organizations. These organizations may offer scholarships or grants that can help fund your master’s degree and this is most students’ dream.


  • You can consider applying for external scholarships and grants. Many organizations offer to fund specifically for graduate students.


  • If necessary, talk to your academic advisor or career center at your undergraduate institution. They may have information on funding opportunities or be able to point you in the right direction.


  • Consider working as a research or teaching assistant. Many graduate programs offer funding in the form of assistantships, which can help cover the cost of your degree.


  • You can look into loan forgiveness programs. Some programs may offer loan forgiveness in exchange for work in certain fields or a set number of years after graduation.


In all, remember to start your search for funding early and be proactive in seeking out opportunities. It may take some time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end to secure funding for your master’s degree.


It is not enough to just choose a school wherein you want to study. It is also considered very important that you make the necessary findings and research to be sure you are making the right selection.

Anyway,  if you are planning on studying abroad for your master’s or Ph.D. degree programs and you need a fully funded scholarship to cover much of your educational expenses then you should consider any of the above scholarship programs listed above.

You can also conduct personal research to enable you to choose from a wide variety of fully funded scholarships that are out there.