All you need to know about Go2bank credit card

The Go2bank Secured Credit Card is intended for those who want to establish or repair their credit over time through responsible use. You have a credit limit and must make monthly payments, just like with a regular credit card.


The key distinction is that you put down a refundable security deposit (beginning at $100) which will be reimbursed to you following the settlement of any outstanding balance, interest, and/or fees on the account after it has been closed.

Your security deposit defines the credit limit range, which in turn decides the maximum within that range. The amount of this security deposit will be applied as credit to your account.

Each month, the three major credit bureaus receive a report on your activity month. Over time, keeping your amount low (preferably under 50% of your entire credit limit) and making full, on-time payments will help establish a strong credit record.

On the other hand, poor habits include routinely exceeding your credit limit when making purchases and not paying your payments in full or on time each month can hurt your credit.

How is the Go2bank credit card different from the prepaid debit card?

The GO2bank Secured Credit Card can assist you in building your credit history over time if you use it responsibly. Each month, we report activity such as timely payments, late payments, purchases, changes to credit limits, and outstanding balances to the three major credit bureaus.

The GO2bank Secured Credit Card is not a debit card, so any purchases you make with it must be paid for by the due date. The Secured Credit Card part of your account, as well as the monthly statements, both contain information about the payment due date.

Instead of being used to make those payments each month, the security deposit you set aside when you first set your credit limit will be refunded to you when the time comes of account closure following our deduction of any outstanding balance, fees, and/or interest.

What are the limits to a Go2bank credit card?

There are charges and daily withdrawal caps. You are only permitted to withdraw up to $2,000 per day and $10,000 per month from ATMs. Your daily spending cap is $10,000.

Who can apply for a Go2bank credit card?

Only current Go2bank account holders who have received direct deposits totaling at least $100 in the previous 30 days and who are at least 18 years old are eligible for the Go2bank Secured Credit Card. Applying eligibility requirements When you apply, there are no costs involved, and your credit is not checked or affected.


All you need to know about Go2bank credit card

How can one apply for a Go2bank credit card?

You can apply for the Go2bank Secured Credit Card online at or through the Go2bank app with approved direct deposits.

If you are qualified, you will see the “Apply now” option in the secured credit card section of your account dashboard after logging in. Fill out the application, which includes questions about your monthly expenses and income, then submit it to apply.

Decisions about approval are often made instantly unless an OFAC review is necessary, which may cause a delay in the approval procedure. Applications may occasionally be rejected.

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Can I use the Go2bank credit card to make payments?

You can make purchases with the Go2bank Secured Credit Card anywhere Visa® is accepted in the United States.

You can make purchases with the Go2bank Secured Credit Card up to your credit limit and open spending limit. Up until you make a payment, each purchase made with your card will lower the amount that is open to use.

How many Go2bank credit card can I have at a time?

You can only have one Go2bank credit card at a time.


Can I use my Go2bank credit card outside of the US?

Your protected credit card is accepted anywhere Visa® is accepted in the United States. For reasons of fraud or security, they might limit your ability to conduct transactions overseas. Please notify them in advance if you intend to use your Card outside of the United States (for instance, if you are going abroad).

Your foreign transactions could be denied or delayed if you don’t. For instance, there are some nations for which they cannot permit the use of your Card Account due to fraud, terrorism, or other reasons, and there are some nations for which they are compelled by law to restrict transactions.