Top Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Top Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with VISA Sponsorship

Transporting goods and supplies across Canada requires the services of truck drivers, who are in high demand with Visa Sponsorship for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada Recent research suggests that the Canadian trucking industry will have 48,000 fewer long-haul truckers by 2024.

The information in this article can be useful if you’re looking for a truck driving job in Canada that offers a sponsorship visa.

Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship.

Let’s discuss the requirements for truck driving in Canada. This will assist you in knowing the requirements for an immigration sponsor to hire a truck driver in Canada.

These include:

  • Types of Equipment and Trucking: Tractor-trailer: Tractor, Flatbed, Tractor Highway, Refrigerated truck (4.600kgplus) or 10,000 lbs using three or more axles
  • Security and Safety: You must have a basic security clearance, a criminal background check, and a copy of your driving record. Also, you must pass a medical exam and take drug tests.
  • Information about transportation and travel. Are you available to travel throughout Canada and the United States? You are willing to travel long distances and for extended periods of time, whether it is day or night.
  • Candidates must have the legal ability to work in Canada. They also need to be willing to work together to operate long-haul trucks.
  • Truck drivers in Canada work full-time, on weekends, night shifts, and overtime day, night, or evening shifts.
  • This job does not require a high school diploma.
  • Experience driving with a heavy load can be an advantage, but it is not necessary.
  • It is important to be able to communicate in basic or functional English.
  • This position requires memberships, certificates, and licenses, as well as courses, certificates, and certificates.
  • Along with your Air Brake (Z), Endorsement, a valid driver’s license (Class 1, A, or Class 1) is required.

Necessary Skills needed for Truck Driving Jobs

  • Receive information and send it back to the central dispatcher.
  • You can operate in convoys or two-person teams.
  • To facilitate the transportation of products and supplies, the ability to operate both straight and articulated trucks.
  • Cargo safety and security can be achieved by unloading and loading cargo as well as tarping it.
  • You can plan your travel routes and times.
  • Atlases and other tools should be available to assist you with planning your trip.
  • Also, you must be able to assess the vehicle’s condition and inspect the lights, tires, cold storage, and other parts.

Top Truck Driving Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Below is a list of truck driving jobs in Canada that offer visa sponsorship, as of 2023.

Team Drivers – LMIA Visa Sponsorship

Company: Corresponder

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Hap Transportation Group was established in 2006 as a single truck and trailer operation. Since then we have focused on delivering excellence on wheels to our customers.

Job Type: Full Time

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Truck Driver Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Company: Portage Transport Inc

Location: Portage la Prairie, MB, Canada

Transporting cargo on international routes, and obtaining the necessary permits and documents. Drive straight or articulated trucks to carry goods and materials.

Job Type: Full Time

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Long Haul Truck Driver (Visa Sponsorship for foreigners)

Company: Canadian Base Transport Ltd

Location: Abbotsford, BC, Canada

This position is for Long-haul heavy truck driving, routes vary considerably; routes include travel through the Province of British Columbia & Alberta, all across Canada, (BC, AB, SK, MB, and USA).

Salary: $24 Hourly, 50.00 Hours per/week

Job Type: Full Time


Canadian truck drivers can likewise gain from the provincial scheme made available by British Columbia.

Full-time work in long-haul trucks is necessary for applicants to the entry-level and semi-skilled levels of the provincial job market. There are more than 400 open positions.

It is permitted for long-haul truck drivers to reside in the province.
Learn more about immigration in British Columbia by visiting their website


Quebec is the leader in truck driver-friendly jobs, with 837 available job ads. According to information on the Quebec government’s website for employment, there are excellent prospects for truck driver employment.

Access the Quebec website


Foreign workers wishing to work in Canada’s trucking business have a lot of options, including truck driver jobs in Canada with Sponsorship visas.

For foreign workers with proper visas, Canada offers a variety of truck driving job opportunities. Several reputable businesses that employ truck drivers with valid visas from various countries have been listed in the article.

One of the aforementioned jobs can be worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a truck driving job in Canada.